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Hi, I'm Shannon. Atlanta. 21.
Welcome to my personal blog where I vent/ talk about my life.

We ate so much food today. We shared a nice meal together and managed to buy all the things that were not on my list. So now I have all this awesome stuff, and I forgot I even had a list! 

The sky was super pretty when we finally made it out of that big freezer! haha

It’s like opposing forces of color.

Uh I don’t know how to talk to this guy…

All of a sudden some guy from ninth grade is like professing his love for me from back in the day… he’s like I would of loved anything to have a cuddle session with you. I had a crush on you and never told you… 

And like I don’t really remember him except for the fact during a soccer match I missed the ball and kicked him as hard as I could in his set. 

yeahhh… i feel so bad for all these guys, they are going to be deployed soon. And like no one cared about me in ninth grade, I’m all different and I look different now.. I just don’t know what or how to talk to people who do this when I have a boyfriend. I try explaining to them that I have a boyfriend and thank them for the kind thoughts… but like what do I do?

Good morning!

Good morning!

This chick… THIS CHICK done went and emailed the professor telling her she did all the work, and that I never contacted her or whatever. The professor then calls up the first group to present (which is us) and then goes ” Oh I hope you two figured something out to your problem…” And I’m like… uh what? WHAT? She went behind my back and emailed the professor saying she did all the fucking work when it was actually ME doing all the shit. I didn’t make the shitty powerpoint which looked fucking gross as hell with them color choices. I couldn’t even get your ass to answer any of my damn emails. You didn’t meet up with me during the week. You didn’t even try. You just text me the day before telling me I’m doing 2 questions, compiling everything into the powerpoint and then WRITING THE WHOLE 3 PAGE ESSAY BY MYSELF! Well guess what? When she goes and reads that fucking essay, NONE OF YOUR SOURCES ARE ON IT. The whole fucking essay is about the research I did on MY OWN and that’s why you couldn’t even answer the fucking questions she asked YOU. 
OH! And that fucking bitch sent me a text at 4 in the fucking morning with OK. Then she text me at 10am this morning to come meet her ass in the library. I was like SORRY IM STILL IN BED, IM NOT ON CAMPUS, YET. And she expects me to meet her in the library at 11:15, but she doesn’t even get out of class until 11:45. So there I am trying to make US work out. And she doesn’t show up. And then I go and set my things on the desk I always sit and this boy I’ve been sitting with HAS THE FUCKING NERVE to ask me to move because he wants some bearded motherfucker to sit there. But then goes, oh well Idk if he’s still enrolled in the class.. so you can sit there, but do you know if he’s still in class? I tell him. HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO KNOW? DO YOU WANT ME TO MOVE?! and then he’s like well, no, but I want him to sit there can you move if he shows up? AND I JUST CAN’T I FUCKING CAN NOT! so I just move to another place. And he is cut off mid sentence. Then I left a spot open for the girl im presenting with and you know what she does? she comes into the classroom and sits in the front of the class so far away from me. She doesn’t even go over the project with me… no last minute ANYTHING. So we just plunge into it. And it’s so awkward. She starts the powerpoint and then realizes she’s reading off of my slide. And I’m just standing there, like EXCUSE ME after youre done dont change the slide… and she changes the slide, so I change it back and then I talk for 5 minutes about all the information, and the professor is nodding her head like I’m saying right things. She corrects me a few times, but she was agreeing with me. And that girl just stood there. I could feel the heat! And after I was done, I motioned her to change it. Then she read from the slide away from the class. And then the next slide was her slide also, A GIANT FUCKING WALL OF TEXT.She then haughtily says, you can do this one… I begin to read it off, and then I am like fuck this. I took all the information I learned from everything I’ve read and just improvised. I did so good. And then it was the books page with no text and she was just doing a show and tell, no real actual information. And then finally, the works cited page. I take the usb out and give the hard copies to the professor. And we sit down. My face is red hot. I’m busting at the seams ANGRY. And then I answered a lot of questions in class. And I was like fuck you (that girls name) FUCK YOUUUUU. And through all this a MIRACLE HAPPENED. The professor lady is making us stay in our assigned seats where we are now sitting. I’m like FUCK YES! Because all the while, this girl sitting next to me, she is new to the class and super friendly. We talked and it’s like HALLELOO! 
I told the professor at the end and she says thanks for letting me know. And corrected me on a few things, and off I went. 


Prepare yourselves, I’m about to EXPLODE !



If you aren’t being a good friend, why should you reap the benefits of having a good friend?

You can’t be shitty, and when you are called out on it go ‘well i don’t know how to do x thing so im not going to do it…’

These things are common sense! If someone is crying or upset, being snappy with them or blunt or aggressive attitude is not going to help!

Saying you do the same shitty thing to other people does not validate your actions either! 

AND! If someone is trying to find a common ground to end the upsetting feelings or at least find a solution, don’t leave! It doesn’t fix itself that way! 

Everything is a yellow hue outside! 

vveaboop reblogged your post WIP Skirt!  So far, it’s kinda a … and added:

omg you didnt even have a pattern and it turned out really well. i love the shape you made it, it looks great on you!

Thank you, thank you! I was kinda worried it wouldn’t fit at first, because I used scrap fabric from another project. But it’s actually really floofy! Do you think a single bow on the back or like little bows gathering at the bottom would look better? Or even both! haha I might even embroider something to break up the space. Something simple like, iunno, little black hearts or some small animals or something. 

WIP Skirt! 
So far, it’s kinda a base for more stuff. I am thinking of adding ruffles and bows later. Right now, I am working out the kinks, since I didn’t have a pattern and I just guestimated stuff. 
What do you think?

WIP Skirt! 

So far, it’s kinda a base for more stuff. I am thinking of adding ruffles and bows later. Right now, I am working out the kinks, since I didn’t have a pattern and I just guestimated stuff. 

What do you think?