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Hi, I'm Shannon. Atlanta. 21.
Welcome to my personal blog where I vent/ talk about my life.

I might of made some new friends today. I also helped some freshmen around campus. I’m very proud of myself. <3

Aww! More people are following my art blog! I think I am going to start posting in there again! This makes me so happy like you don’t even know! <3


  • make and nurture healthy relationships
  • focus on strong portfolio
  • work on my mental/physical health

How I can do this:

  • fill my time with positive people and leave toxic ones alone
  • work my ass off in art class and ask around for advice
  • carbcycling with Derek and read a positive mantra everyday to boost myself

It’s very crude, but it’s something. 

There is just something about Derek’s butt… I just can’t… it’s so perfect. He’s got like this shelf booty that is HUGE and very shapely. Like two bubbles were pushed together gently. Enraptured in the beauty that is his butt. The most comfortable butt. Just Booty Aesthetics! I can’t even convey how beautiful it is… 

Dang did you guys see that commotion out there by Woodruff Park? Like that guy got shot… 

Welcome back to GSU <3

I was humiliated in front of a class today and then didn’t even get the overflow into the class. They put me and this other girl’s name on a piece of paper and crumbled it up and let Adam pick one. I lost, of course, but not before almost bursting into tears. Today was terrible. I just want to sleep. 

I didn’t realize I turned off anon. oops!

Are any of my lovely followers GSU students?

Miss Booger Queen of Bed City.

I have a sinus infection and the pain is crazy bad. Like, my upper back teeth are in so much pain rn… 

And I was supposed to help move furniture today for our place. 

Not to mention there is a crazy bad thunderstorm happening outside my window. 

Today was a Low Carb Day. 

How did it go?

It was yummy. I peed CONSTANTLY.

My bf was a bit cranky, as was I.

Also, I can’t seem to fall asleep.

I had my first really severe panic attack in my friend’s car today. We went to the Catlanta event at night, and I was overwhelmed and so many people…next thing you know we’re stuck in Turner Field traffic and I am grasping the seatbelt and the window edge gasping loudly for air. My chest felt like someone was squeezing it. Sharp pains. I was crying. Like giant tears rolling down my face. I couldn’t see, I was blurry-eyed. My head was spinning. I was shifting in the back of the seat uncomfortably, like I was claustrophobic. I was apologizing profusely. I couldn’t stop it. I think I scared them. 

I was about to throw up out of the side of the car…. 

I’ve never had one so severe. I almost went to the hospital… Luckily, I calmed myself down. 

Shh! They&#8217;re talking to each other.

Shh! They’re talking to each other.